“You’re Too Old” by Simon Cowell. She immediately silences him.

Jenny Darren, a sixty-eight-year-old singer, showcased her musical prowess during her audition on “Britain’s Got Talent.” With over fifty years of experience, including being a backup vocalist for AC/DC and releasing four albums, she rediscovered her passion for rock after a break from rock-n-roll.

During her audition, Jenny wore a edgy outfit, revealing her black leather skirt, boots, and t-shirt, embodied the spirit of rock-n-roll. She took command of the stage with the iconic AC/DC song “Highway to Hell,” earning a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges. The panel, including David Walliams, couldn’t resist singing along to the well-known chorus.

Jenny’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, with a memorable ending that left a lasting impression on everyone present. Her journey in the music industry, surprising transformation on stage, and powerful rock vocals are an inspiration to all. Her unforgettable audition will forever remain a cherished moment on the show.

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