With a nostalgic 1973 Bob Dylan cover, a 10-year-old boy turns every chair on ‘The Voice.’

In this three-minute film, a pure musical talent serves as a reminder of what wonderful music is. The young youngster gave a spooky performance of Guns n’ Roses’ “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

During a blind audition for the voice kids, Arthur stands in the middle of the stage, eager to wow. Arthur said with his drumsticks clicking, “uh-huh, uhhuh.”

In the distance, the guitarist’s notes could be heard. With both hands on the microphone, Arthur sang his heart out. He spoke the opening line in a low tone.

As the drummer started to play gentle rhythms, Arthur strummed his acoustic guitar. The rhythm of the music band was intense, reverberating over the stage like waves in calm water.

Because of Arthur’s harmonics, a judge in the nearby corner pressed the button. As they waited, other judges sat. They had no choice but to press each button one at a time because to Arthur’s great voice.

Backstage, Loulou, Arthur’s mother, was fervently endorsing her son. Arthur advanced in the talent show when Loulou started crying as soon as the judges turned their attention to him.

It was a joyful occasion for Loulou. With her hands, she made an attempt to hide her face. Arthur received continuous applause from the judges and spectators as the song came to a flawless climax.

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