The jury was even moved by the performance of this 13-year-old girl. Her voice is not a voice for her age

It’s wonderful to hear that the jury was moved by the performance of a talented 13-year-old girl. Exceptional talents can often defy age expectations,

and it’s not uncommon for young individuals to possess voices and skills that far surpass their years. This kind of recognition can be a great encouragement for young artists and performers to continue developing their talents and pursuing their passions. It’s a testament to the power of music and talent to transcend age boundaries and touch the hearts of audiences.

The young Ukrainian wowed the judges with her voice and the powerful song and classic Andrea Bocelli “Time to Say Goodbye”. The young woman felt she was going to do well, but she had no idea that her beautiful voice would make many viewers cry. During the blind auditions for the second episode of The Voice Kids Germany, Solomia showcased her outstanding voice while singing this song.

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