Teen’s Voice So Spookily Similar To Elvis’ All The Judges Turn For Him

As one of the greatest musicians of all time, it is no surprise that the music of Elvis Presley continues to be impersonated. While many of the impersonations fall embarrassingly short of the greatness of Elvis, every now and then there is a performance that sends chills down the spine of everyone in the audience.

This was the case recently, as reported by Stories Of The Moment, when 13-year-old Yaroslav Karpuk sang the classic Elvis song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on the reality television competition, The Voice Kids Ukraine.

The deep and sultry voice was so reminiscent of Elvis himself that the audience was immediately enthralled with the performance. One judge even spun around in his chair within 15 seconds of the performance, indicating that the performer should move through to the next round of the competition.

The singer’s family is clearly thrilled when the first judge passes him through. As the performance continues, more judges jump on board. In fact, the remaining three judges push their button and spin around at the exact same time.

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