Simon tells a 17-year-old girl: “It was a bit of a mess”․ The girl’s wonderful performance amazed everyone

A girl with an unusual talent performed on the stage of the America’s Got Talent show. Mia Morris plays several instruments at once.

But her real passion is percussion instruments. Mia Morris’ family is from Indiana.

Although the talented girl has not a musical family, her parents quickly saw her potential at a very young age.

She started playing drums when she was only 10 years old and even took lessons from wellknown drummer Wade Parrish. Her parents decided to move to Nashville to realize doter’s talent.

In an interview, Mia said that her father was the first who noticed her passion for drums and therefor gave her a drum kit.

According Mia rock is her favorite genres, primarily because playing rock songs on drums is funny.

The artist is a multi-instrumentalist and creates music from scratch. Mia writes her own songs, sings, plays instruments, mixes, records songs and produces them herself.

In addition to drums, she plays the guitar very well. She doesn’t sing for a specific label or producer as she doesn’t want to lose her individual creativity that comes with artist independence.

Mia has a small studio in her basement where she does all the magic. She revealed that she has a strong group of female friends who help her with songwriting ideas.

The judges were fascinated by the girl and called her a child prodigy. There was a very strong energy about her. it was noticeable that the girl puts her whole soul into her music.

The member has over 50k followers on her YouTube channel and over 24k followers on Instagram, where she talks to followers about her songs, mashups, concerts and more.

Undoubtedly, Mia Morris has a great future ahead of her. Already now she has won the love and recognition of millions of viewers.


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