Deaf Woman Walks Into Agt to Sing Minutes in, Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Music is a global language. Even if you don’t understand the language of a song, you can still fall in love with it. Music also never judges anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, and what abilities and disabilities you possess. However, it is hard for people to fall in love with music if they can’t hear. But when Mandy Harvey came to perform at America’s Got Talent, everyone was stunned.

Mandy was very fond of music ever since a little girl. But at 18, she lost her hearing capacities. She fell sick due to connective tissue disorder. She gave up on her passion after the incident. But something inside her pushed her to pursue music despite not being able to hear. And ten years later, at 29, she decided to participate in the competition.

mandy harvey agt performance

She needed a translator so she could understand what the judges were saying. But the moment she started singing, she blew off everyone’s mind. She sang an original song that she wrote. And it was enough to impress everyone present there.

Despite her disability, she could tell that everyone loved it and was impressed. Since everyone was on their feet, it was crystal clear that she nailed it. And without hesitation, Mandy got a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell and the judges. Mandy was now performing directly at the live shows. WATCH the incredible performance below.


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