Camille K Gets A Second Shot To Impress Simon Cowell And Totally Delivers On ‘AGT’

On the new “America’s Got Talent”, 16-year-old Camille K took the stage to perform a cover of Finneas’ “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”.

The singer told the AGT audience that she came to the show because she wanted to perform to the music and impress everyone. So she kicked off her performance with Finneas’ “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”. However, the singer and guitarist had just entered the performance for 1 minute when Simon Cowell asked to stop singing. The media mogul told the contestant that the song was fine and that she had a lovely voice.

Her only problem is that Simon wants Camille to do something unique, to make her stand out. Simon further asked Camille if she had ever tried writing her own songs, which is when the AGT contestant told the judges her song, “Still in Love”, was written when she was going through a heartbreak. pain. After performing the song, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum gave the boy a standing ovation, bringing him to tears.

Obviously now the judges were impressed. Cowell added, “I think, like all artists, it’s about finding the song that defines you. And going forward, if you go forward, that’s the key. “Vergara added, “I think your voice is even more amazing. I thought it was spectacular.” The judges (Howie Mandel was not present) gave her 3 “Yeses”, placing her in the next round of the competition.

16-year-old girl’s song “Still in Love” effortlessly earns 2.8 million views

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