A young girl made the claim that she was the new Whitney Houston, and then she made the judges cringe. Full video is in the comments 👇👇👇

Little Angelica Hale has big dreams, and that’s okay.

After hearing the 9-year-old girl sing, you might agree that she has a good chance of becoming the next Whitney Houston.

However, Angelica’s ability to pursue her great passion in life—singing—wasn’t always guaranteed.

In fact, she spent a few weeks in the hospital when she was just 4 years old. A priest was called to the hospital to inform Angelica’s parents that they would have to say goodbye to their child because, despite the doctors’ best efforts, her illness was so severe.

But then a miracle occurred: Angelica miraculously made a full recovery and left the hospital to go home and be with her parents. The young girl has been honing her singing skills in recent years ever since the traumatic event.

Additionally, Angelica has displayed incredible stage presence and abilities. Check out her performance of “Rise Up” on America’s Got Talent:

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