13-Year-Old Stuns Judges, Eliciting ‘Goosebumps on His Goosebumps’ from Simon Full video is in the comments

The Got Talent franchise has introduced numerous young talents to a global audience, but few have been as deserving of praise as this contestant from a few seasons back.

13-year-old Angelina (Angie) Green begins with a heartwarming introduction, sharing that she’s accompanied by her mom, her best friend. She explains how music helped her cope when her parents divorced a few years ago.

Then, Angie starts singing, and immediately, both the crowd and the judges are spellbound. Her voice resonates with a maturity beyond her years, and the emotional depth of the song leaves the audience in silence throughout her performance.

As she finishes, the room erupts into applause, with both the crowd and judges rising to their feet. Overwhelmed with emotion, Angie tears up, while the judges shower her with praise. “I think this is one of the best auditions of today,” Simon Cowell remarks. “I mean, you made my goosebumps have goosebumps.”

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