Without any plastic surgery, Fabio Jackson from England resembles Michael Jackson.

Fabio Jackson, an Englishman, has a similar appearance to Michael Jackson. The Englishman said that, in contrast to other pop king impersonators, he did not have any plastic surgery and that his good looks were a gift from nature.

How does Michael Jackson’s “natural” double look?

Fabio Jackson is an Englishman who is 28 years old. Due to his amazing physical resemblance to Michael Jackson, he has become quite popular on social media. Despite the fact that many people accuse him of undergoing plastic surgery to make himself appear like a well-known singer, he insists he never saw a plastic surgeon.

Fabio shared pictures of himself from his boyhood with internet users as proof that the criticism he receives is unjustified. Even at a glance, Michael Jackson and the young British man were very similar.



Fabio recounts that throughout his school years, people made fun of him for looking like the artist, upset him, and called him foul things. As he grew older, the British made the decision to capitalize on his appearance rather than suffer. He acted in that way!

Fabio now works as Michael Jackson’s professional double. The young man even changed his last name to Fabio Jackson to further solidify his status. In order to fit the musician’s persona, he even picked up the famous “moonwalk” of Michael. He receives several requests for performances and cooperation every day. Almost 500,000 people follow him on social media, the majority of them are fans of Michael Jackson and think he did not have surgery.

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