They chose to renovate and live in this old bus with their dog

As you can see, almost everything has become more expensive today due to many situations prevailing in the world. And it is more difficult for those who live by paying the rent of the house. Many people can’t even buy an apartment with a mortgage. This is the reason why people prefer to buy houses or even buy and renovate mobile homes to make ends meet.

As the couple’s lease was coming to an end, Hannah and Danny knew they didn’t want to renew it, but weren’t sure about their next move. That’s when they landed on a bus conversion. Both quit their jobs to work full-time on bus conversions.

The bus is beautiful, with a spacious kitchen and a great design in the back of the bus with a side-by-side bed and a bathroom that allows for a spacious shower. At the front of the bus there is an L-shaped sofa that doubles as a guest bed and a special dog corner for their dog. What are you thinking about?


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