The model was sprayed with acid, but it became even more beautiful after the operations

Resham Khan worked as a model at times in addition to her studies. On her birthday, his cousin Jamil Muktar said that they were heading to a restaurant when a man at the intersection ran up to their car and sprayed sulfuric acid in the girl’s face. During the first month Resham could not see and it was terribly painful for him to touch his face. No less painful was the fact that the girl realized that she had lost her beauty forever. And it came to the conclusion that the scars on the girl’s face would be very difficult to heal, and it looks like it could stay on her face forever.

Because of this incident, the girl began to be afraid to go outside and does not even go to the nearest store.

I am very afraid of the reaction of those who will pay attention to me. “Everything froze with fear,” he said in his note.

Although four months have passed, and thanks to the efforts of doctors and several plastic surgeries, Resha’s face has fortunately already recovered. according to his friends, he has become even more beautiful than he was before.

She hastened to share a photo of her “new” face with her Instagram followers. “You all saw me at my worst time when my face was completely disfigured, so let me show you when I look very secretive,” she said on Instagram.

She had her friends with her who helped her cope and get better. They organized a charity fundraiser online and in a very short period of time raised about 9,000 pounds (about 4.4 million rubles) for the girl. With this money, Resham was able to do several plastic surgeries.

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