The couple has been living at sea for 8 years and managed to give birth to three kids

In 2011, the British couple Jess and James decided to go around the world on a yacht,. During this time, they managed to get married, give birth to three little ones and are not yet going back to live in their native London.

Jess Lloyd-Mostyn, 36, invited her boyfriend James, as a joke, to get on a yacht to see the world. Oddly enough, but James liked this proposal and he accepted. The preparations for the circumnavigation took the couple almost a year. During these 8 years of travel, they have traveled 42,000 kilometers and visited 36 countries.

In London, they had a fairly secure life and a good job, but they left everything and chose to travel. They rent a house and an apartment and live on the funds received.

After 2 years, the couple decided to have little ones and their first daughter, who was named Rocket, was born in Mexico. Now the girl is 5 years old, and three years ago she had a brother, Indigo, who was to be born in New Zealand. Well, the third little Outem was born last year in London.

After the couple crossed the waters of the Atlantic, spent some time in the Caribbean, and then sailed to Panama, the decision to get married somehow came. They have long wondered if it is worth having little ones while living on a yacht and being constantly on the move, and yet they decided to take a chance.

When Jess was pregnant with her first daughter, the last months of pregnancy, they decided to live on earth – in Mexico. The girl was born a little prematurely weighing 2,320 kg in a Mexican maternity hospital. Relatives of the couple flew to Mexico from Britain to see the newborn.

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