Makeup artist transforms woman with makeup application

Christopher Hopkins is an entrepreneur also known as The Makeover Guy. He offers style advice and gives clients makeovers. Models travel to see him and learn about hair, makeup, and style transformations.

In this video, Carol Bales receives a makeup application from The Makeover Guy and his team. They outline every step for audiences to follow along at home.

To ensure the skin is smooth and prepped for the foundation, the artist applies primer all over Carol’s face and focuses on areas with many fine lines.

Foundation is applied all over the face and blended in to ensure it is even. The artist also blends concealer into the dark areas, like underneath the eyes and around the nose. She also blends the concealer into the foundation for a smooth finish.

Nude eyeliner brightens and lifts Carol’s eyes before the artist sets the rest of her face. Setting the blended concealer and foundation with a powder ensures that the makeup does not move around on the face.

The artist enhances Carol’s eyes further with a soft brown pencil to fill in her eyebrows. She curls the lashes with an eyelash curler and adds mascara and eyeliner for emphasis.

The artist adds blush, bronzer, and light contouring to add dimension and warmth to Carol’s face. A coat of lip stain and lip liner brings the whole look together for a lovely natural makeover.

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