Genetics played a joke on her face: What the granddaughter of the genius Charlie Chaplin looks like

In addition to being a renowned actor and director, Charlie Chaplin was also known for being a terrific ladies’ man. He fathered 11 kids with various women. Many of them continued Chaplin’s legacy, and his descendants continued it.

So a well-known actress and dancer changed her name to Aurelia Thierry. She is the descendant of Chaplin and Una O’Neil, the mayor’s final spouse.

Victoria Chaplin and circus performer Jean-Baptiste Thierry were the parents of Aurélia. Aurélia has always been around creative people, therefore given her background, choosing her future profession was already decided when she was a young child.

Thierry is currently extremely well-known in her native France. As Chaplin’s granddaughter and a member of his dynasty, she performs in the surrealist theater. By the way, Aurelia’s distinguished grandfather gave her a distinctive appearance in addition to acting ability and charisma.

Thierry, after all, cannot be characterized as beautiful in the conventional sense. Genetics, therefore “joked,” giving the granddaughter of a famous comedian an extremely odd appearance.

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