As Andrea Bocelli sings “Time to Say Goodbye,” a cute baby becomes very emotional.

Everyone can communicate through music, even young children. No one can dispute the fact that opera singers’ voices have the power to evoke emotions when they sing with such passion and intensity, even though opera music may not always be popular with the general public.

When a mother recently captured a precious moment of her young son hearing Andrea Bocelli sing for the first time, it put this on display. The mother begins the song while taking a close-up video of her son, Abriel.

The song begins with the singing of the children’s character “Elmo,” which, based on the child’s expression, you can tell he has heard many times. As a result, it makes him very happy, as seen by his smile and laughter.



He then hears Andrea Bocelli take over, and that’s when the real show starts. Abriel exhibits a wide range of nuanced emotions right away. It seems as though Bocelli’s voice is engulfing his tiny body in emotions that he cannot control and does not comprehend, yet he FEELS the lovely music just like everyone else.

Abriel never whines or makes a scene as if he wants to hear more Elmo; instead, he pays close attention and displays passion on his face when a song connects with him. His lips purse, and tears appear to start to form in his eyes.

The tiny child will smile and laugh each time Elmo returns to the song, but when Bocelli enters, his countenance changes in expression. Abriel seems to adore Bocelli as much as we do, so perhaps he will grow up to be a budding opera aficionado.

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