Amazing: a tourist gave birth to a baby right in the Red Sea

An Egyptian girl living in the city of Dahab, Hadiya Hosni El Said, accidentally witnessed an extraordinary situation for herself.

She managed to shoot one married couple who, it would seem, were just relaxing at the resort.

But it was not just a vacation …

In the photo we can see how a pregnant tourist enters the water, followed by her husband and an old man.

As it turned out, the latter is a doctor who specializes in childbirth in water.

The woman in labor turned out to be a tourist.

She gave birth to a baby right in the Red Sea.

The Egyptian woman notes that while the doctor and her husband were carrying the child to the beach, the girl took a dip a couple more times and went ashore as if nothing had happened.

The umbilical cord was cut off already on the shore.

Judging by the photos, mom and baby are feeling great.

It can be assumed that this is not the first child in the family, since a boy, about four years old, was waiting for them on the shore.

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